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Extraordinary Possibilities

Now, more than ever, women are at the centre of the social, political and economic dialogue, acting with courage and integrity in the face of challenge, and leading change

From its inception in 1898, bold decisions have guided Crofton House School. The School’s founder, Dr. Jessie Gordon, was ahead of her time in creating a school that allowed young women to reach their full potential.

We are witnessing bold changes in education and we must match this boldness with our own vision for change at Crofton House School. To remain truly relevant and to provide an extraordinary education for girls, we must create a learning community that speaks to the future. We must ensure, through resources and best practices, that we are creating a school that inspires our students and teachers.

With the completion of our Campus Master Plan, bringing to an end a decade-long focus on buildings, we had the opportunity to once again look to the future and make bold decisions about the direction of Crofton House School. To accomplish this, we have created a strategic vision built on four pillars that will guide our growth: Beyond Buildings: Extraordinary Possibilities, Crofton House School Strategic Plan 2015–2025.

Pillar 1: Extraordinary Girls

Objective: Attract, admit and retain a diverse population of girls, regardless of financial circumstances, who will embrace and shape the unique opportunity of a Crofton House School education

Pillar 2: Extraordinary Learning

Objective: Be a leader in girls’ education, providing an exemplary learning environment and rich programs that inspire each girl to pursue her personal excellence

Pillar 3: Extraordinary Teachers

Objective: Attract, develop, retain and recognize extraordinary teachers

Pillar 4: Extraordinary Community

Objective: Create a vibrant Crofton House School community by engaging in intentional external partnerships that contribute to the broader community