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1898 Alumnae Newsletter

When Tiffany graduated from Crofton House she knew she wanted to pursue a career in film and television. With perseverance, she is fulfilling that goal – living in Los Angeles and working as a writers’ production assistant on Mixtape, an upcoming TV series on Netflix. She is also the co-creator of Limited Space, an animated musical series.

While working in film and television was the ultimate goal, having missed the deadline for the School of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of California, LA, Tiffany first had to tackle switching from their Communications program to film. She spent her initial days at university knocking on doors trying to make that happen. Tiffany was first able to transfer to the Business Cinema program and then to the film school after two years

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Katie Levis ’19 has a clear vision of what she would like to do after she graduates. Starting with attending UBC in the fall with a view to eventually completing her Masters in Audiology and Speech Sciences, her vision for her future was shaped in large part by her extensive volunteer work.

As part of CHS graduation requirements, Katie started volunteering at Peekaboo Beans, a children’s clothing company. While there, she learned about Playground Builders, an organization that builds playgrounds for children in war-torn areas. Katie connected with the founder, Keith Reynolds, and worked with him to raise money to build two playgrounds in Afghanistan – one of which is the first playground for disabled children in the country and the other is at an all girls’ school. Through her fundraising efforts, Katie was able to donate $1,800, which Playground Builders then matched.

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Last summer, a group of six women, including Crofton House School Board member Nancy Gallini, alumna Maria Chung ’75 and myself travelled to villages in Malawi to see CARE Canada at work. All of our travelling party had donated time and funds to support CARE’s work to transform the lives of women and girls in one of the poorest, least-educated countries in the world. CHS is a strong supporter of CARE Canada through its participation in CARE’s Walk in Her Shoes. During this March event CHS students and alumnae walk 10,000 steps along Vancouver’s sea wall in celebration of International Women’s Day.

It was the trip of a lifetime.

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Good morning Dr. Dawson, Members of the Platform Party, Students, Teachers, Special Guests, and of course, the Graduating Class of 2019.

Before I begin my speech, I want each of you to think back to the first time you saw your favourite movie. Think back to that feeling when the main character first came on screen, that feeling of wonder over what their journey would be like. Over the next few months, each of us will embark on our own journey, but today, I am here to share ours. This year marks a huge milestone in Crofton House School history. Not only is this the first time we’ve had a grad class named after an animated car, but it’s the first time we’ve had a class that was bold and clever enough to do so. I present to you, Grad L19HTNING MCQUEEN!

Now, the confused look I see on your faces is also how most of us reacted when this name was first proposed. But as we delved deeper into the meaning of L19htning McQueen, we came to realize how perfectly it embodied our grade. First of all, we may be nearly 18 on the outside, but deep down, most of us are still stuck around 12. Secondly, we are undeniably a class of 98 queens. What better way to celebrate that than to include it in our grad name? And finally, we wanted a name that wasn’t just a catchy title, but a message and a theme that we could use to leave behind our legacy. 

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1898 Alumnae Newsletter

The 1898 Alumnae Newsletter is released three times a year and features several articles and interviews with CHS alumnae out in the world.

With the introduction of a new CHS website in April 2019, the “Continue Reading” link in articles found in the back issues of the newsletter will no longer work. However, the full articles can be read on this page. 

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