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1898 Alumnae Newsletter

Hi everyone, we are the Racial Justice Alliance club leaders. Our names are Sunny Sun, Sheyda Lindsay, and Sophie Winder-Berkey.  Over the summer, we were inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, and hosted an open forum where students and staff were able to share their opinions on racial issues in our Crofton community.

Read More about Q&A with Racial Justice Alliance Club student leaders Sheyda Lindsay ’21, Sophie Winder-Berkey ’21 and Sunny Sun ’21

This past July, Crofton House hosted a virtual TEDxCHS event, led by Student Creative Director Vivienne Li’ 21. TEDxCHS provided high school students across Vancouver an opportunity to share meaningful topics connected to purpose. This year’s theme, ‘Purpose’, coincides with the event’s mission to inspire other students to take initiative in their interests and make a difference in their community by offering an opportunity for speakers to share ‘ideas worth spreading’.

Vivienne Li shares with us her TEDx experience, what inspired her to bring TEDx to Crofton House, and the last-minute changes they made to host this event virtually.

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The school year of 2019-2020 has been one full of changes and challenges. It is a year that has given us as a school and each of us as individuals the opportunity to learn how we can do things better. What is our personal lens through which we view the world? How can we change that lens to ensure that we are helping move the world forward in a way that embraces all, gives voice to those who are marginalized and educates our future leaders to be compassionate and brave?

Read More about Message from Lydia (McNeill) Vandenberg ‘85

1898 Alumnae Newsletter

The 1898 Alumnae Newsletter is released three times a year and features several articles and interviews with CHS alumnae out in the world.

With the introduction of a new CHS website in April 2019, the “Continue Reading” link in articles found in the back issues of the newsletter will no longer work. However, the full articles can be read on this page. 

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