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1898 Alumnae Newsletter

The school year of 2019-2020 has been one full of changes and challenges. It is a year that has given us as a school and each of us as individuals the opportunity to learn how we can do things better. What is our personal lens through which we view the world? How can we change that lens to ensure that we are helping move the world forward in a way that embraces all, gives voice to those who are marginalized and educates our future leaders to be compassionate and brave?

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We have had many questions about how Crofton House continued to deliver different types of classes during these changing times. We have also had many of you reaching out from various cities and continents sharing your experiences these past few months.  Alumnae are proving to be resourceful, caring and proactive in meeting needs within their own communities.  We hope you enjoy reading about some of the highlights of this adapted-learning environment and some of the stories of how alumnae are caring for others.

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When Michelle Kwok graduated from Crofton House in 2016 her path was clear: pursue a degree in medical science at Western University with the end goal of becoming a doctor. 

Soon after starting at Western, Michelle began to experience a shift in thinking that led her to explore new opportunities. In her words, “it was the first time I saw different avenues that I could go down, avenues I hadn’t even realized existed.” 

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In my 19 years as Head of Crofton House School I have had the privilege of watching more than 1500 girls walk across the stage at Chan Centre. Every class has been amazing, each with its own personality – and this class is no exception.

This is the first class to include 31 girls out of the 36 who came to Crofton House School in grade 1 and blossomed under the watchful eye and tutelage of Mrs. Hutchison – our great storyteller. They are also the class who welcomed 66 new girls over the intervening years and who have made unity their mantra.

Graduating classes at Crofton House often choose a name for themselves – and this years’ class chose L19tning McQueen from the children’s movie Cars. For those unfamiliar with Cars, it is an animated film where the world is populated with talking cars and other vehicles, each with its own distinct character.

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1898 Alumnae Newsletter

The 1898 Alumnae Newsletter is released three times a year and features several articles and interviews with CHS alumnae out in the world.

With the introduction of a new CHS website in April 2019, the “Continue Reading” link in articles found in the back issues of the newsletter will no longer work. However, the full articles can be read on this page. 

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