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Message from Head of School – Dr. Pat Dawson

The following is an excerpt from Pat Dawson’s address to this year’s graduating class:

In my 19 years as Head of Crofton House School I have had the privilege of watching more than 1500 girls walk across the stage at Chan Centre. Every class has been amazing, each with its own personality – and this class is no exception.

This is the first class to include 31 girls out of the 36 who came to Crofton House School in grade 1 and blossomed under the watchful eye and tutelage of Mrs. Hutchison – our great storyteller. They are also the class who welcomed 66 new girls over the intervening years and who have made unity their mantra.

Graduating classes at Crofton House often choose a name for themselves – and this years’ class chose L19tning McQueen from the children’s movie Cars. For those unfamiliar with Cars, it is an animated film where the world is populated with talking cars and other vehicles, each with its own distinct character.

Lightning McQueen is the rookie racecar, poised to become the youngest car ever to win the Piston Cup Championship. He has just two things on his mind: winning and the perks that come with it. But when he inadvertently gets lost in the town of Radiator Springs on old Route 66, he meets a new group of friends who challenge him to reconsider the car he wants to be.

His new friends include such characters as:

  • Mater, the tow truck with a loveable laugh who is always the first to lend a helping hand
  • Luigi, a 1959 Fiat 500 who runs the local tire shop and is big hearted, gregarious and excitable
  • Sally, the beautiful 2002 Porsche 911 – is the town attorney who is charming, intelligent and witty

Girls, in all your characters, it is my hope that Crofton House School has been your metaphorical Radiator Springs. A place where you have found kind, caring lifelong friends who will be your pit crew when you need them most. A place where you have learned that winning is not everything, that it is more important to lead by example and make certain everyone makes it across the finish line, and that true strength comes from your differences.

Amongst you are:

  • Superb musicians, whether on the flute or piano, in the orchestra or band, or in the choir or as a soloist.
  • Drama queens born to the stage, both main stage and and improve.
  • Artists of every type who took up residence in the art and film studios as well as the foods, textiles, robotics and computer labs. 
  • World class debaters and orators in both English and French
  • Brilliant mathematicians and scientists
  • Great writers and feisty activists 
  • Committed, talented athletes – the repeat Provincial Volleyball championship in Powell River immediately comes to mind where you were not intimidated by a crowd who were clearly not in your favour, to say nothing of our national rowers who brought home gold not once but twice last week
  • And, of course, tireless, selfless volunteers

Girls, you leave Crofton House School as educated young women who have the freedom to do absolutely anything you want to do, be anything you want to be. 

Be the Lightning McQueen the world needs and make it a better place – just as you have made Crofton House a better school for all of us.

Servabo fidem,

Pat Dawson