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Tiffany So ’14 - Perseverance Pays Off

When Tiffany graduated from Crofton House she knew she wanted to pursue a career in film and television. With perseverance, she is fulfilling that goal – living in Los Angeles and working as a writers’ production assistant on Mixtape, an upcoming TV series on Netflix. She is also the co-creator of Limited Space, an animated musical series.

While working in film and television was the ultimate goal, having missed the deadline for the School of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of California, LA, Tiffany first had to tackle switching from their Communications program to film. She spent her initial days at university knocking on doors trying to make that happen. Tiffany was first able to transfer to the Business Cinema program and then to the film school after two years.

Tiffany credits her time at Crofton House - in video club and taking film courses - for clarifying her path and helping her realize that she loved creating visual stories and working under deadlines. Her other favourite classes, English and AP Language, honed her writing skills and her ability to craft arguments and write under pressure – which have been vital to her success. “The writing skills I learned were so important when I got to UCLA. In every class we were required to write long essays on a short deadline and I didn’t find that stressful - I was used to doing that at Crofton House.”

In her sophomore year, Tiffany wanted to combine her love of drawing and music by making an animated musical. She collaborated with a small group of classmates to create a pilot episode called Limited Space. “As it was a passion project, we shot with the intention of entering it into a festival in New York, really just to have a deadline to work towards.” The pilot was accepted into the festival, named as Official Selection of the Independent Pilot Competition and awarded the Bento Box Development Deal at the 2016 New York Television Festival.

“That really defined for me that I wanted to be writing for television. I started to take every television course I could at school. For me, TV is really personal - it’s telling a story that is going to be in someone’s home. I like the idea of seeing everything through from start to finish - from writing to editing - and the collaborative process that’s involved in writing for TV.”

Thinking about what has gotten her to this point, Tiffany points to her love of being busy and the importance of connecting with people. “I would make sure I had two days free of classes so that I could intern. I also came to understand the power of networking.  In my freshman year, I rushed a professional film fraternity, Delta Kappa Alpha, which has been amazing in terms of meeting people who I would like to work with and getting personal recommendations for internships.”

Through her hard work and connections, Tiffany is now working at Netflix as a writer’s PA – an important step in becoming a television writer. Being in this role and watching the writers work has only reconfirmed Tiffany’s desire to continue working towards her goal.

Reflecting on her time at Crofton House and how it has impacted her, Tiffany remembers CHS as “the first place where I was given the opportunity to pursue all of the things I was interested in. There was time to try new things and the space to fail at something and try again. Video club allowed me to experience telling a story and making something from start to finish, with the guidance of a teacher and without pressure to succeed the first time.”

Watch the pilot of Tiffany’s Limited Space