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Welcoming Morgan Pulkinen, Manager, Alumnae Relations & Events

Over the past few weeks, you may have heard from Morgan Pulkinen, our newest addition in Advancement. She began in January 2020 as Manager, Events, and we are now pleased to add Alumnae Relations to her role, as of September, 2020. 

Though “normal” may be a moving target, a new balance is surfacing, and the pandemic may reveal a silver lining when it comes to connecting with our Alumnae community.  “Until now, maybe we didn’t realize the extent people were out of reach because events took place on campus, or you needed to be in Vancouver,” said Morgan. “Now, with events held virtually, anyone can participate from anywhere—from New York, to London, and Vancouver Island—bringing their ideas and experience to events like Career Conference, or the Speaker Series.” 

Combining Morgan’s experience in marketing and events (gained in Vancouver’s luxury hotel industry) with her interest in people, their stories and connections, makes her a natural fit. On top of that, Morgan is also a girls’ school alumna, having attended Havergal College in Toronto from grade 8 to grade 12. Morgan’s professional alumnae relations journey has also helped her connect to her personal one: “Until I worked in alumnae relations, I didn’t realize the depth of the services and networking opportunities offered,” she said. “It has inspired me to become more involved in my own community as well as Crofton House School.” 

Morgan aims to contribute to a more robust experience for all alumnae, and sees our community on a journey “It’s such a diverse group,” Morgan points out. “There are those who have recently left, who are choosing between a few different paths; then there are women who have some career years under their belts, maybe have chosen to start families, or are looking for their next level—and all of the above. And finally, we have women whose experience and memory is valuable in ways that connect us to the community at heart. Each alumna has a ‘Crofton House’ commonality, through each different stage of their lives,” she said. 

Morgan came to Vancouver to earn her UBC Bachelor of Commerce at Sauder School of Business. She loved it here so much, she stayed, working in the hospitality industry for eight years. “I love to travel, and although that’s obviously on hold, it did give me the opportunity to explore closer to home,” she said. “I even visited the Gulf Islands for the first time to hike and kayak this summer.” At Crofton House School, Morgan is most looking forward to developing relationships with its many interesting alumnae. “Everyone is so diverse in terms of what they’ve done since they left the school,” she remarked. “These are the stories that can help our students now, and also fellow alumnae navigate career questions, or take advantage of parenting resources available to current families, such as the Whole Girl Whole World speaker series.” 

If you’d like to connect with Morgan to talk about how you could be involved in upcoming virtual events like Career Conference, the Speaker Series, or to become an audience member at the Grade 12 Capstone Project, you can find her contact information below. Servabo Fidem. 

Morgan Pulkinen
Manager, Alumnae Relations & Events
604 263 3255 ext. 4207