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Admissions FAQs

Please refer to the chart and questions below to answer some common questions you may have about applying to CHS.

  Intake Number Admission
Application Deadline
Financial Assistance Application Deadline Interview In-House Assessment Admission Decision
Junior Kindergarten 25 November 15, 2019 N/A Parents only, ~30 minutes, September to January  January 18 or January 25, 2020 February 7, 2020 
Senior Kindergarten 15 November 15, 2019 N/A Parents only, ~30 minutes, September to January January 18 or January 25, 2020 February 7, 2020 
Grade 6 20 December 2, 2019 N/A Student and parent together, ~45 minutes, October to February January 25, 2020 March 6, 2020
Grade 8 40 December 2, 2019 December 2, 2019 Student, then parent, ~45-60 minutes, October to January December 7, 2019 February 20, 2020 
Junior School, Non-intake Grades
1-5 & 7
0–3 December 2, 2019  N/A Shortlisted candidates contacted when a spot becomes available

February 14, 2020

Senior School, Non-intake Grades 9-12 0–5 December 2, 2019 N/A Shortlisted candidates contacted when a spot becomes available SSAT to be written prior to February Varies

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of student are you looking for?

We seek applicants who show passion and commitment to their education, a strong desire to explore their own potential, and who will engage in the community, both inside and outside of the classroom.

When should we submit our application?

Applications will be available one calendar year in advance of the school year you are considering. For example, applications for September 2020 will available in September 2019.

What are your deadlines?

Please refer to the table above for important admissions dates.

How many spaces are available?

Please refer to the table above for a breakdown of spaces, by grade. Please note that for non-intake grades (Grades 1-5, 7, 9-12), space is based on attrition and numbers vary each year.

What supporting documents will we need to submit?

Once your application is submitted you will gain access to your Applicant Checklist, where you will upload all required supporting documents. Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Applicant’s long-form Birth Certificate 
  • Parent's Canadian Immigration Documents (eg. passport)
  • Contact information for a chosen reference 
  • June 2019 Report Card (if applicable)
  • Current grade mid-term Report Card (when available)

Who should be my reference? How many reference letters do I need?

Within the application form, you are asked to provide the contact information of someone who (preferably) has taught your daughter, to be a reference. We ask that this reference not be a private tutor or family member. Your referee does not need to prepare a letter, as an electronic Confidential Reference Form will be sent to them directly from our office.

Please do not submit additional reference letters, as they will not be reviewed. This is to ensure a fair and consistent admissions process for all applicants. 

What about certificates and awards? Will they be considered?

Only the required documents outlined on your applicant checklist will be reviewed as part of the admissions process. We do not accept any supplementary materials.

If you would like to inform us of specific accomplishments, we encourage you to share these within the application responses, and/or during your interview.

What is the minimum SSAT score for admission?

All candidates are reviewed as a whole and in relation to the other candidates. Meaning, we consider SSAT scores in conjunction with other components of the application, such as: in-house assessments, report cards, interview, Confidential Reference Form, and the application form. 

Therefore, we do not have a specific SSAT score we expect for admission, as it is viewed as one piece of the admissions process.

What can we do to prepare for our interview?

The interview provides an opportunity for CHS to learn more about your daughter, including her interests and activities, and to answer any questions you may have about CHS as well.  It is a conversation between yourselves and an Admissions team member. No preparation is required, nor are you required to bring any supplementary materials.

JK and SK interviews are with parents only; Grade 6 interviews are with parents and applicant together; Grade 8 interviews are with both student and parents, but separately. Skype interviews can be arranged for families that live abroad, however, attendance at the in-house assessment is mandatory.

What can my daughter expect for her in-house assessment?

The in-house assessment or observation is an opportunity to see how your daughter thinks and interacts within a CHS context, and with other applicants of her grade group. Each assessment is led by CHS faculty and involve both group and one-on-one activities, all designed to get to know your daughter as a learner.

The in-house assessments also provide a valuable opportunity for your daughter to see what a CHS experience might be like for her.

In-house assessment dates are listed in the table above.

Note to all applicants to grades JK to Grade 8: attendance at our in-house assessment/observation is mandatory.

What can we do to prepare for the in-house assessment?

The format of the in-house assessment varies by grade. Each assessment/observation is designed and facilitated by grade-specific CHS faculty, and includes both independent and small group activities.  While there is no formal way to prepare in the way of "studying", we do recommend that your daughter have a good night's rest, and not come hungry. We also find that talking about the assessment too much beforehand can add unnecessary pressure. No matter her age we want your daughter to feel as comfortable as possible so she can enjoy the experience, and be herself.

For applicants to JK and SK, it might help for your daughter to know she will spend time in the classroom with a teacher, away from you.  

In-house assessment dates are listed in the table above.

How are admissions decisions made?

There are many factors that go into admission decisions. Each candidate is thoughtfully considered by an Admissions Committee, and all elements of her file are reviewed holistically, including report cards, interview, SSAT, in-house assessments, and references. Once each candidate is reviewed individually, the committee then reviews the class as a whole and seeks to admit students and families who represent a range of diverse interests and experiences. 

Do you give preference to siblings or alumnae?

When all else is equal, yes. Crofton House values its community, therefore, when all else is equal, priority will be given to a current family or to the daughter of an alumna. 

What does it mean that my daughter is in the “waitpool”?

If you receive a decision letter stating that your daughter is in the waitpool, it means she has met our entrance criteria, however, as we are limited in the number spaces for each grade, she did not fall within first-round offers.  Candidates in the waitpool will be re-considered should additional offers be made.

There is no ranking to waitpool, hence why it is a “pool” not a “list.” Should a space become available, each candidate within the waitpool is reviewed again to determine suitability for the vacated space.

Do you offer scholarships or Financial Assistance?

Yes. Financial assistance is available for new students entering Grade 8, and it is based on demonstrated need. Please refer to the Tuition and Financial Assistance page for more information.  

Do you accept international students?

Crofton House School is a day school for girls who live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in the Lower Mainland. At least one parent or legal guardian must have Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency status. Exceptions are only made in extraordinary circumstances.

Do you recommend families work with an agent or educational consultant?

We do not advise families to use educational consultants and/or agents to assist with the admissions process.  Because the CHS admission process is reviewed and updated annually, the information agents and consultants have is often outdated, resulting in families being misled or misinformed about current requirements and process.  If you have questions or would like more information about any aspect of the admissions process, please contact CHS directly and we will be happy to assist you. 

Please note that any communication regarding the status of a candidate and/or her application is done directly with the parent(s) or legal guardians, and not through a third party.

Do you accept donations as part of the admissions process?

It is CHS policy that staff members may not accept gifts from prospective families, and donations are not considered as part of the admissions process. 

While Crofton House School would not be the school that it is today if not for the generosity of our parents and the wider Crofton House community, a family's ability to support the School financially is not a criteria for admission.

Does it help to visit the Admissions Office multiple times during my application?

As an applicant family we welcome you to visit the campus as many times as is necessary to help you make a fully-informed decision. Visit dates and information can be found on the Visit CHS page.

Demonstrated interest, however, is not tracked or recorded. While we are always happy to meet with our applicant families, your application will not be evaluated based on your attendance at events.

Do you offer a lunch program?

Yes, we offer lunch daily to students from JK to Grade 12 through our Community Dining Program, the cost of which is included in tuition.
To see what is currently being served in Manrell Hall (from September to June) visit our Sage Dining Menu.

Financial Assistance

What is a bursary?

Financial assistance is available to families with daughters entering Grade 8 who meet admission requirements and demonstrate financial need. It is awarded in the form of a bursary that does not need to be repaid.  

Families applying for financial assistance must submit financial information to a third party, Apple Financial, for an impartial evaluation of their capacity to meet tuition and related costs. 

Families must re-apply for financial assistance on an annual basis. Bursaries will be renewed annually, provided there is continued demonstrated financial need. All recipients receiving financial assistance must remain in good academic standing and contribute fully and positively to the life of the School. 

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

All new students applying to Grade 8 are eligible to apply for financial assistance. Our guiding philosophy is to partner with families to bridge the gap between their demonstrated financial need and the full cost of sending their daughter to CHS.  The admission criteria and expectations are the same for all students, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

How is financial assistance eligibility determined?

A family's eligibility for financial assistance is determined through careful and thorough analysis of the information provided on the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application, coupled with Crofton House School’s financial assistance methodology. 
Together these provide CHS with an indication of a family's discretionary income. CHS then considers what portion of a family's discretionary income would be available for CHS tuition and related fees and offers a bursary to cover the remaining portion.  

Are other costs beyond tuition taken into consideration when determining the amount of financial assistance a family may receive?

Yes. We will take into account the total cost of attending CHS when determining financial assistance. Financial assistance will offset the cost of tuition, textbooks, technology, uniform, outdoor education, co-curricular activities and other program costs.

What portion of the tuition and other fees will be covered?

CHS offers financial assistance to cover up to 98% of the cost of tuition and all related programmatic costs including textbooks,  technology, uniform, outdoor education and  co-curricular programs, based on a family’s demonstrated financial need. 

How does financial assistance work in subsequent years? Can we expect to receive the same level of financial assistance?

Families that receive financial assistance must go through the Financial Assistance (FACS) application process each year. Provided that a family's financial circumstance remains relatively consistent from year to year, a family can expect to receive the same level of assistance. The CHS Business Office will perform a full analysis each year to determine eligibility for continued financial assistance.

How does CHS know that a student is applying for financial assistance?

Two ways. First, the Grade 8 admissions application has a check the box that asks if you intend to apply for financial assistance. Second, families applying for financial assistance must complete the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application form through Apple Financial Services, which will be available after October 1.

Can the application fee be waived?

Yes. When you indicate on the Grade 8 admissions application that you are also applying for financial assistance, the $350 application fee will automatically be waived.  The Admissions Office will send you further information on how other costs associated with applying can also be waived, namely the fee to write the SSAT and the fee to apply to Apple Financial. 

When are students and families notified of financial assistance decisions?

Financial assistance decisions are communicated to families at the same time as the offer of admission.

What happens if our financial situation changes during the admissions process?

If there is a change in your family’s financial circumstances at any time within the admission process that results in the need to apply for financial assistance, please contact the Admissions Office immediately.

What if my daughter does not apply for a financial assistance now, but our financial situation changes once my daughter is enrolled at CHS?

Enrolled students may be considered for financial assistance through a bursary fund available from the CHS Foundation if there is a change to their family’s financial circumstances. 

In the case of divorce/separation, are both parents required to submit financial assistance application information?

Yes. Unless there is a legal financial agreement indicating otherwise, CHS believes that both birth parents or legal guardian(s) have an obligation to contribute to the education of their children to the extent they are able.  

Does CHS offer financial support for non-tuition related expenses?

Yes. Students from grades  6–12 can apply to the CHS Beyond the Classroom Fund to cover non-tuition related expenses, regardless of whether they receive financial assistance. The purpose of this fund is to support a student’s full participation in the valuable opportunities that are associated with, and enhance, a student’s academic, athletic, and co-curricular involvement in their CHS education. 

Is a bursary a loan that must be repaid?

No. A bursary is financial assistance credited towards tuition fees and is not required to be repaid.

Are loans available?

Financial assistance is based on demonstrated financial need as determined by our financial assistance analysis. Loans are not available. 

Does CHS offer merit-based scholarships?

CHS offers financial assistance in the form of a bursary for new students entering Grade 8, which is based on demonstrated financial need. The admission criteria and expectations are the same for all students, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. We do not currently offer specific merit-based scholarships.