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Join Crofton House

Thank you for considering Crofton House for your daughter’s education.

Our major intake years are: Junior Kindergarten (25 spaces), Senior Kindergarten (15 spaces), Grade 6 (20 spaces) and Grade 8 (40 spaces). 

While applications are accepted for all grades, availability for non-intake years varies and is based on attrition. For girls applying for Grade 9–11, interviews and assessments will only be conducted should there be a confirmed opening. All girls applying to Grade 1–5 and Grade 7 will be assessed, but only shortlisted applicants will be interviewed if there is a confirmed opening. Admissions will contact shortlisted families as vacancies arise. 

Step 1: Submit an application

Application Deadlines

  • Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten: November 15, 2019
  • Grade 6 and Grade 8: December 2, 2019
  • Financial Assistance (Grade 8 only): December 2, 2019
  • All other grades: December 2, 2019

Submit an Application

  • Visit the Admissions Portal (Opens September 1, 2019)
  • Create an account
  • Set your password
  • Start your application
  • Pay $350 application fee 

Apply for Financial Assistance 

  • Financial assistance (FA) is available for new students entering Grade 8.
  • The FA application is separate from the admission application. Both applications must be submitted by December 2.
  • Candidates wishing to apply for FA are required to submit the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application through Apple Financial Services (available beginning October 2). 
  • Candidates applying for FA at CHS are invited to submit a fee waiver request form to have the costs associated with the admission application waived. This includes the fees for the SSAT and FACS.
  • For more information about financial assistance at Crofton House School, visit Financial Assistance FAQs

Step 1a: Re-apply

We invite those who applied for the 2019-2020 academic year to re-apply for 2020-2021. In order to do so please follow the instructions below. 

To Re-apply:

  1. Login to your Applicant Portal using your existing login credentials.
  2. Access your daughter’s previous checklist, and click the green “Apply Another Child” button.
  3. Select your daughter’s name who would like to re-apply.
  4. Enter the year and grade she will be applying for.
  5. Begin the appropriate application. 

For re-applicants to non-intake years (Grades 1 through 5, 7, or Grades 9 through 12) please select the “Junior (or Senior) School Re-application Form.” 

If you are applying for an intake year (Senior Kindergarten, Grade 6, or Grade 8), the application fee is $350. If you are re-applying for a non-intake year (Grades 1 through 5, 7, or 9 through 12) the re-application fee is $50.

Re-applicants who did not apply last year (for 2019-2020) must complete a new application.

Step 2: Submit supporting documentation

Two business days after you have submitted your online application, you will be able to log back into the CHS Admissions portal to view your "checklist".  The applicant checklist is where you will upload all required application documents, provide contact information for your chosen candidate reference, and schedule your interview (when applicable). 

In order to be considered for 2020 admission, all supporting documentation must be received no later than December 16, 2019. The only exception to this is the current year report card, which is to be uploaded once received.

Please note: Do not send additional items such as certificates, photos or additional reference letters–they will not be kept. Only the requested documents will be reviewed. If you would like to tell us about specific accomplishments, we encourage you to share these within the application responses, and/or during your interview.

Step 3: Schedule your family interview

Interviews offer a wonderful opportunity to have a more personal conversation with a member of the Admissions team. These conversations help us get to know your daughter and your family better – and they help you get to know CHS better too!

Once you have access to your online applicant checklist, you will be able to arrange your family interview (intake grades only). Interviews take place September through February. 

  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten: Parents-only, approximately 30 minutes
  • Grade 6: Students and parents together, approximately 45 minutes
  • Grade 8: Students first, followed by parents, approximately 45-60 minutes

At this time, only those applying to an intake grade (Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, Grade 6 and Grade 8) will be interviewed. For those applying to a non-intake grade, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview, should an opening come available. 

Step 4: Write the SSAT *Grade 8–12

Grade 8 to 12 applicants only

The SSAT is a standardized test used by admission offices to assess the abilities of students seeking to enrol in an independent school. All students wishing to be considered for Grade 8 to Grade 12 at CHS must write the SSAT by January 15, 2020. Visit

Step 5: Attend in-house observation/assessment

All Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 applicants are expected to attend an in-house observation or assessment (see scheduled dates in FAQs). This helps us get to know your daughter within a CHS context, and it helps her get to know us too. More specific information will be provided to applicants in December. In order to be considered for admission, your daughter's attendance at the assessment/observation is mandatory. 

Step 6: Admission decision (aka Offer Day!)

All admission decisions will be communicated to families electronically, on the following dates:

  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten: Friday, February 7
  • Grade 6: Friday, March 6
  • Grade 8: Thursday, February 20*

*Financial assistance decisions will be included within the offer of admission.