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Costs for 2020–2021 

Tuition (Junior Kindergarten – Grade 12) $25,200
New Student Entrance Fee (one-time, non-refundable)  $3,000

Tuition fees cover curricular program and instruction, including:

  • Lunch through Community Dining
  • Textbooks, workbooks and novels        
  • Curriculum-related excursions, workshops and speakers 
  • Grade-wide outdoor education excursions 
  • Annual use of school-issued technology (e.g. CHS One-to-One Program laptops in the Senior School and iPads in the Junior School) 
  • CHS Parents’ Auxiliary dues and class fund 
  • School supplies (for students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5) 
  • CHS Advanced Placement course examination fees

Mandatory expenditures not included in the tuition fee are the school uniform and personal equipment, such as graphing calculators or musical instruments. 

CHS is a not-for-profit educational institution. Fees are reviewed and approved by the CHS Board of Governors annually and set in March for the following school year. 

Affording Crofton House - Financial Assistance

We are committed to welcoming the strongest, most capable applicants, regardless of financial circumstances, who will embrace and thrive in the unique opportunity of Crofton House education. Learn more about financial assistance available to families.