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Tuition 2024-2025* - Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 $31,300
New Student Entrance Fee* (One-time, non-refundable) $5,000

*$2,000 tuition deposit payable upon acceptance of enrolment

The CHS annual tuition pays for:

  1. All costs associated with the school day educational program, including text resources such as textbooks, novels and workbooks, safety equipment such as lab coats and safety glasses, speakers, workshops provided by third-party contract providers, and curriculum-related excursions;
  2. Lunch provided through the Community Dining program;
  3. Use of school-issued technology (iPad or Laptop) as described in the Parent and Student Handbook;
  4. The annual ‘Grade-Wide Outdoor Education Excursion’;
  5. School supplies for students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 as outlined in the Back to School communication;
  6. Examination fee for CHS offered Advanced Placement courses listed on a student’s CHS course timetable;
  7. Annual CHS Parents’ Auxiliary dues; and
  8. Class fund for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7.

The New Student Entrance Fee and the annual tuition fee for the next school year are reviewed and approved by the CHS Board of Governors annually in December and communicated to current Parents/Guardians and prospective new families before the end of the calendar year.

Incidental Expenses (Non-Exhaustive List)

Incidental expenses are non-tuition costs charged to the student’s account. Some of these fees are compulsory while others are discretionary or optional. Incidental charges are billed in the monthly statements. 

The CHS annual tuition does not pay for compulsory expenditures including:

  1. CHS uniform items;
  2. Fee for Physical and Health Education Course - Outdoor Education 11; and/or
  3. Course-specific materials such as musical instruments rented from the School.

The CHS annual tuition does not pay for discretionary expenses. These may include:

  1. Costs associated with graduation events (Grade 12 students only);
  2. Optional excursions related to the co-curricular program, including those connected to Athletics and Music Programs;
  3. Costs associated with rowing and debating activities;
  4. Before- and after-school care programs; 
  5. ProgramPlus (i.e. Arts Umbrella);
  6. “Grab and Go” (snack) purchases;
  7. Purchases from the Uniform Shop (i.e. fanwear); 
  8. Tickets to school productions; and
  9. Parents’ Auxiliary events (i.e. Family Dance)

Tuition Discount

For families with two or more daughters in the school, there is a 2% discount for the oldest child. 

English+ Program

For students accepted into the English+ Program, there is an additional one-time fee of $35,000. This fee is added to the student’s annual tuition fee in her first year of the program and payable according to the selected payment option.

Affording Crofton House - Financial Assistance

We are committed to welcoming applicants who will thrive in the unique opportunity of a Crofton House education regardless of financial circumstances. Learn more about financial assistance available to families.

Families may apply for financial assistance for tuition if their financial circumstances change significantly while their daughter is attending CHS. Financial assistance is also available to assist families with costs associated with a specific curricular or co-curricular program, activity, or excursion.