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Student Well-Being

Dedicated staff and programs to strengthen and support student well-being

Crofton House School offers a variety of support services and activities across the School to promote student well-being. We focus on building resilience in girls and giving them the skills they need to navigate life’s challenges and to make conscious and informed decisions. Parents, advisors, counsellors and teachers all play a role in creating a supportive network and helping girls develop the skills needed to thrive. 

Our expansive and age-appropriate well-being programs address study habits, learning strategies, stress, nutrition, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, self-confidence and more. Learn more below about how we promote well-being through our robust support programs in the Junior School and Senior School.  

Central to the Crofton House experience is our holistic approach to educating girls. Each day, academic classes are balanced with physical education, arts, and time for the girls to be outside, to eat well and to pursue individual interests. 

Junior School

  • Learning Resources: Learning Resources provides support for students who are experiencing academic and learning challenges and stresses with their schoolwork. Teachers work with students to enhance study skills, develop personalized approaches to academic success, and build confidence and self-advocacy. They work as a cohesive team with the student, parents, teachers and sometimes community professionals (e.g., speech or occupational therapists) to develop the best possible approach for each girl to achieve her personal learning goals.
  • Counselling Services: Two dedicated counsellors work with students and teachers in the classrooms to educate girls about topics such as mindfulness, health, well-being and nutrition, in addition to meeting with individual students to help them navigate issues. Counsellors also work with girls in the counselling room, a child-centred place with inviting chairs and soft cushions to make girls feel comfortable. 
  • Lunchtime Drop-Ins: Facilitated by counsellors, these sessions cover topics like stress-reducing strategies and mindfulness through activities such as stress-ball making, crafts, yoga and movement, and nature walks.
  • Coffee Mornings with Parents: The Director of the Junior School hosts conversations with parents that include discussions about topics of interest and readings to help parents best support their daughters’ growth, development and well-being.
  • Parent Evenings: Parent Evenings are offered each term to discuss topics of interest, expand on current themes in education, engage with community speakers and other parents, and get involved in the School.
  • Houses: The House system promotes a strong sense of community, fun and competition. Every student in the Junior School belongs to one of four Houses: Hummingbirds (yellow), Robins (red), Swallows (blue) or Wrens (purple). Girls can collect house points daily for demonstrating citizenship, courage, kindness, helpfulness and generosity. House points are also awarded for participating in Intramurals and to the winning House on Sports Day. The Gordon Cup is awarded to the House with the most points at the end of the year. Each House includes House Captains, older girls who are role models to younger girls and who plan fun activities that promote cross-grade relationships. 

“Coffee Mornings are a great way to share lessons and resources with parents. They’ve helped me to think differently and to be a better parent.”

CHS Parent | Junior School

Senior School

  • Learning Resources: Students on Individual Education Plans are supported by learning strategists who are knowledgeable about diverse learning needs and  effective strategies to scaffold student thinking and learning. After school, all students can access support from the learning strategies teachers, including a focus on organization, time management, study skills and test-writing strategies.
  • Advisors: Each girl in Senior School is supported by a carefully selected advisor who will support her throughout her high school experience. From Grade 8, girls meet with their same advisor three times a week with a small group of their peers. This group encourages, supports and challenges each other. Advisors also monitor each girl’s progress and workload, check in on how they are managing, help coordinate their schedules, act as parents’ first point of contact at the School and advocate on the student’s behalf with their teachers. 
  • Head of Grade: Heads of Grade are responsible for giving oversight to the pastoral care of students. This includes creating grade-specific programs designed to build community and foster citizenship. Advisors are knowledgeable and proactive in supporting the development of girls and are available to support parents in better understanding the developmental attributes and needs of the students.
  • Personal Counsellors: Three clinical counsellors offer one-to-one and group counselling, and run wellness workshops, and parent and staff education groups. 
  • Student Services Resource Lounge: A safe and quiet space for students who need a minute to take a deep breath and catch up on work.
  • Parent Evenings: Parent Evenings, which happen throughout the year, provide an opportunity to develop a shared understanding of topics of interest by exploring current themes in education and adolescent development related to girls. A variety of topics are covered, including Curriculum Nights and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences. 
  • Houses: The House System promotes a strong sense of community, fun and competition. Every student in the Senior School belongs to one of six Houses: Douglas (green), Gordon (yellow), Stuart (red), Wallace (light blue), Fraser (purple) and McDougall (dark blue). Each House Captains leads her House and oversees her House Council made up of representatives from each grade. Together, they plan fun activities to build House spirit. Throughout the year, there are competitions between the Houses, and the House Cup is presented to the winning House in June. Part of the House system, the Grade 8 Housewarming event and the Buddy Group System are designed to help girls transition to the Senior School. 

  • Other events and activities: To educate girls on health and wellness, and to provide tools and resources, include Wellness Wednesdays and Mindful Mornings. 

“Through the Advisory Program, one person has the full picture of your daughter if there’s any concern across subjects. The advisor acts as an advocate, providing support and direction.”

CHS Parent | Senior School

“If you need extra support in a subject, there are always places you can go. The teachers and student services are really open to helping you.”

Allie ’22 | Grade 8 Student