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Student Well-Being

Dedicated staff and programs to strengthen and support student well-being

Crofton House School offers a variety of support services and activities across the School to promote student well-being. We focus on building resilience in girls and giving them the skills they need to navigate life’s challenges and to make conscious and informed decisions. Parents, advisors, counsellors and teachers all play a role in creating a supportive network and helping girls develop the skills needed to thrive. 

Our expansive and age-appropriate well-being programs address study habits, learning strategies, stress, nutrition, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, self-confidence and more. Learn more below about how we promote well-being through our robust support programs in the Junior School and Senior School.  

Central to the Crofton House experience is our holistic approach to educating girls. Each day, academic classes are balanced with physical education, arts, and time for the girls to be outside, to eat well and to pursue individual interests. 

“If you need extra support in a subject, there are always places you can go. The teachers and student services are really open to helping you.”

Allie ’22 | Grade 8 Student