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Student Well-Being

Crofton House puts student well-being at the heart of its approach to education.

Here, educating the whole girl means valuing equally the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development and well-being is seen as the foundation for educational growth and achievement.

Social and emotional learning is developed through dedicated teaching time through all grades, allowing students to develop their self and social awareness, form positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and set goals.

A dedicated team of specialists and trained teachers oversee the well-being of every student. From personal counsellors to Learning Resources specialists to homeroom teachers or advisors, there is a wealth of resources to support the needs of every student and ensure she can flourish.  

We believe in the importance of partnerships with parents to support the development and well-being of our students and hold parent information and education sessions throughout the year, led by both external speakers and CHS specialists.

“If you need extra support in a subject, there are always places you can go. The teachers and student services are really open to helping you.”

Allie ’22 | Grade 8 Student