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Crofton House School

3200 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada  V6N 3E1

Phone: 604 263 3255
Fax: 604 263 4941


Facility Rentals

Spaces are available for rent throughout the school year on weekends and evenings, as well as during school breaks in March, July, August and December. Learn more about facility rentals.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Visitors and parents may park for up to three hours on streets adjacent to the school. When parking in these areas, please respect the property and needs of our neighbours. As roads in the area are narrow, extra caution is required to ensure traffic circulation is not hindered and driveways remain open. Please be aware that if cars are parked in front of private residences, they may be towed.

Traffic safety guidelines