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Culture of Giving

We all play a critical role in shaping the future for the girls at Crofton House School 

Crofton House is built on a foundation of philanthropy. The strong tradition of giving has played a key role in the School’s growth and in its ability to continue as a leader in girls’ education. 

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Over the past decade, the incredible generosity of the CHS community made the rebuilding of our campus possible and furthered our deep culture of philanthropy.

That spirit of giving continues through our New Parents Appeal, Annual Fund and signature events such as the annual Golf Classic. 

on Giving 

The Report on Giving is an opportunity to recognize the generosity of the Crofton House School community. 

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Dr. Jessie Gordon: A bold vision

Over a century ago, Dr. Jessie Gordon founded Crofton House School with a bold vision of educating girls to become confident, capable and accomplished young women. 

Today, Crofton House girls are a part of a welcoming and inclusive community. They come to a beautiful 10-acre campus that has been purposely designed to meet their needs. As we watch each girl reach her own unique potential, we can see how our tradition of giving has helped her realize her dreams.

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“I am continually inspired by the commitment and generosity of the Crofton House community. Without their support, time and expertise our school would not be what it is today.”

Mariangela Brutti | Director, Advancement 

Meet the Team

The Crofton House Advancement team is responsible for fundraising to support the priorities set by the CHS Board of Governors. The team is also responsible for alumnae relations, events and School archives. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Mariangela Brutti 
604 263 3291


Mailing Address: 
Crofton House School 
3200 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6N 3E1


Database & Donor Relations
Tianpei Chen
604 263 3255 ext. 4201

Liam McGillivray
604 263 3255 ext. 4204


Assistant Director,
Alumnae Relations
Lesley Campbell
604 263 3255 ext. 4203