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Introducing Tricia Cohee - Senior School Program Coordinator, Athletics

The Crofton House Senior School welcomes Tricia Cohee in her role as Program Coordinator, Athletics. Tricia will be a familiar face to some families and students as she was the Program Coordinator, Athletics in the Junior School for eleven years. We sat down with Tricia to discuss what she’s looking forward to in her new role. 

Tricia has a clear vision for what areas of growth she wants to focus on. “We want to build confidence, resilience and advocacy. And while we encourage high performance and competition, it’s also about participation. Our mission is to build more opportunities. To grow a larger base of the student population who are engaged and participate around athletics in some way.”

Reflecting on her own journey with athletics and sports, she remarks “understanding the impact athletics had on my development of character during my late teens and 20’s, I appreciate the value I got from all of that. And realizing, wow, physical activity is a great vehicle for women, especially young women, to find their way. Because we find that if [students] have competence in different areas, they feel confident to seek out positive connections with their community as well".

Restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic limited some aspects of sport. With restrictions lifting last year, students were reintroduced to intra-school competition. She observes, “it’s understandable to initially feel intimidated by physical or competitive performance at any time, but definitely after a break [due to COVID-19], which is why, over time, I’m hoping we can have more recreational opportunities and fun activities as a way to build up a student’s confidence and, at the same time, include as many people as possible.”

Tricia understands that the opportunity for connection through athletics is integral to school spirit and is excited about implementing strategies to increase inclusion. “I’m working closely with the Athletic Council, who are students, and we’re looking at how we can develop school spirit. They’re going out, making connections through announcements, hoping to fill supportive game roles by involving other students, and coming up with ideas to ensure people come out to games and events. Including parents and teachers.” She continues, “I’m really hoping the Athletic Council will be a force for encouragement and awareness throughout the Senior School.”

There is an exciting year of sport and competition ahead. Parents are invited to come and cheer our Crofton Falcons on from the sidelines.