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Career Conference

At the 2023 CHS Career Conference, Grade 11 and 12 students had the chance to spend the afternoon with alumnae who generously shared their thoughts and expertise with Senior School students as they consider their next steps and career paths. 

Keynote Presentation

Crofton House School welcomed Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud '89, who spoke to students about varying experiences and ways to apply this year’s theme of CURIOSITY. Read more.

Presenter Bios

Following the keynote presentation, students were invited to select a topic in each of three 40-minute sessions over the afternoon on the theme of "CURIOSITY". Each session had up to 15 panels to choose from, led by alumnae, parents of current and past students, and community connections. Topics ranged from law, specialty medicine, marketing tech, venture capital, sustainability, health tech startup, biomedical fitness, health & wellness, finance, brand marketing, film & television, computer science and academia. Students had the chance to hear how panelists cut their paths, and to ask questions that will help shape their own. 

We thank all those who volunteered for their time and passion!

Interview with the Keynote Speaker

At the career conference, Elizabeth Raynaud-Thomas '89 captivated Grade 11 and 12 students with her keynote speech on the power of curiosity. Drawing from her rich experiences, Elizabeth illustrated how curiosity fueled her journey from studying at UBC to pursuing a Master’s in International Journalism in England, and later thriving in a diverse career spanning broadcasting, working at the International Chamber of Commerce, and leading initiatives in artificial intelligence and technology at the OECD.

Read the interview