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Crofton House Winter Bazaar

Crofton House School and the CHS Parents' Auxiliary want to extend a heartfelt thank you for helping to keep the Winter Bazaar alive and well this fall. Thank you to everyone who lent their time and support.

Here at CHS, we have many traditions, but none capture our sense of community quite like the Bazaar. With roots going back to the 1940s, it has long been an event with something for everyone. In 2020, the Parents’ Auxiliary found ways to swap the on-campus event for a smaller, online version that did its best to honour this tradition, and offer support to KidSafe.

Through sales of plants and wreaths—featuring an expanded offering this year—families could participate in one of the most traditional features of the event. Partnering again with The Pie Hole allowed us to enjoy the sweet and savoury flavours of the holidays in a COVID-safe manner. Girl Made Goods successfully transplanted the maker workshops we know and love to our own kitchen tables where families could bond over crafts together.

We want to extend our deepest thanks to CHS Winter Bazaar co-chairs Deborah Astles and Mandi Gharlay, and their committee. Special thanks also goes to parent volunteers, students, and staff for facilitating order receiving and fulfilling in a COVID-safe way. We couldn’t have done it without working together, and that’s plenty to be proud of this year.

We are also pleased to announce that your support meant that together we raised just over $13,200 for KidSafe, a local organization that provides essential services and programs to vulnerable children during school breaks. In response, Quincey Kirschner, Executive Director of KidSafe said, "A huge heartfelt thank you goes to our amazing Crofton House community for the incredible support we received over the holidays. I was thrilled to hear that the annual Winter Bazaar, which is always a KidSafe highlight, was still able to go ahead online. 2020 was tough on all of us, but it was especially hard on KidSafe's young people and their families. The amazing generosity of the Crofton House community will enable us to continue to ensure that our doors remain open to some of Vancouver's most vulnerable children! Thank you."

Since 2017 proceeds of the Winter Bazaar have been donated to the KidSafe Project, a local Vancouver Charity that provides nutrition and essential services and programs to more than 450 vulnerable children and youth annually during school holiday periods.


History of the Bazaar

The Crofton House Winter Bazaar is a cherished tradition, the roots of which go back to the early forties when proceeds raised were donated to the Red Cross and Save the Children Funds, among others.

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Get Involved: Info for Parents

The Crofton House Winter Bazaar is a wonderful community event where parents, students, and staff come together for a great cause. We need you to make the Winter Bazaar a success. Registration starts in spring 2020. 

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