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Crofton House School Alumnae

Crofton House graduates are part of a dynamic, strong and connected community of more than 4,500 women living around the world. Crofton House girls make friends for life. 

They are important members of the Crofton House community and our most powerful ambassadors. Our alumnae are confident, empowered women who accomplish extraordinary things and excel in far-reaching professions. They maintain lifelong friendships with each other and close ties to the School to mentor, volunteer, fundraise and attend events. 

Distinguished Alumna Achievement Award

The Crofton House School Alumnae Association is pleased to award sisters Dagmar Timmer ’91 and Vanessa Timmer ’92 a joint 2021 Distinguished Alumnae Achievement Award for their lifelong commitment to environmental action, research and policy, social entrepreneurship and systems change.

Learn about Dagmar and Vanessa's amazing accomplishments

Junior Alumna Achievement Award

The Alumnae Association is pleased to award Psyche Loui ’99 the 2021 Junior Alumna Achievement Award for her outstanding work linking music with neuroscience and psychology.

Learn about Psyche's amazing accomplishments

“It was wonderful walking around the halls (of Crofton House) with old friends. I felt this warm Crofton blanket come over me. It’s great to be involved again.” 

Damienne Darby ’87 | CHS Alumna