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Faculty and Staff

Crofton House School teachers are dedicated, caring and experienced professionals who seek and embrace new ideas in teaching and learning. They are highly qualified educators and subject specialists who are experienced in the ways that girls learn. Crofton House faculty deliver personalized education that focuses on the development of the whole girl. 

Our teaching faculty’s commitment to staying current with best practices in pedagogy is supported by progressive professional development opportunities provided by the School. 

Crofton House staff are equally dedicated to the success of our girls. In every role, from interviewing families who are considering Crofton House School to ensuring that our facilities are safe, staff are a critical part of our welcoming, diverse and supportive community. All faculty and staff share a passion for making a positive, lasting impact in each girl’s life and to helping her succeed.

“We are encouraged to always be creative and innovative. We find new ways to improve our teaching and the student experience.”

Arezou Hashemi | Teacher, Languages, Senior School 

Week-at-a-Glance: The Artist in Residence Program

There was a moment in the school on Thursday that put a spotlight on one element of the strategic plan that has been transformational for many in the school. The Senior School spent time this week celebrating Hispanic culture and traditions. Food, language, dance, festival traditions such as piñata, and the music of Hispanic culture were scattered through the week for the pleasure and edification of everyone. It’s been fun and interesting.

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