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Faculty and Staff

Crofton House School teachers are dedicated, caring and experienced professionals who seek and embrace new ideas in teaching and learning. They are highly qualified educators and subject specialists who are experienced in the ways that girls learn. Crofton House faculty deliver personalized education that focuses on the development of the whole girl. 

Our teaching faculty’s commitment to staying current with best practices in pedagogy is supported by progressive professional development opportunities provided by the School. 

Crofton House staff are equally dedicated to the success of our girls. In every role, from interviewing families who are considering Crofton House School to ensuring that our facilities are safe, staff are a critical part of our welcoming, diverse and supportive community. All faculty and staff share a passion for making a positive, lasting impact in each girl’s life and to helping her succeed.

“We are encouraged to always be creative and innovative. We find new ways to improve our teaching and the student experience.”

Arezou Hashemi | Teacher, Languages, Senior School 

Research Chairs

Research Chairs of Teaching and Learning

Continuing our long tradition of being a leader in girls’ education, Crofton House School teachers can apply to become a Research Chair of Teaching and Learning and contribute to the teaching profession in a meaningful way through funded and progressive research over a three year term.

Christopher Griffith (2019-2022)
Teacher, Social Studies, Senior School

Christopher is investigating the concept of democracy in education. He believes the trend towards giving students greater agency in their learning is growing, and hopes his research will help teachers successfully transition towards more democratic classrooms.

“I plan to investigate methods and practices to help teachers feel prepared to navigate that shift, with strategies and tools to assist their students in taking a more democratic, more empowered role in the classroom.” 

Dimitri Korol (2019-2022)
Assistant Department Head, Languages, Senior School

Dimitri is exploring how to help teachers foster literacy in all subject areas. While many people assume that literacy resides only in the English classroom, he believes all teachers can help students to be aware of the different language requirements in their subject areas. 

Dimitri’s aim is to support teachers in making subject-specific literacy objectives explicit for their students. “I hope to raise that awareness: that it’s everybody’s job to make sure that students can express themselves and that they have a solid understanding of content in a subject area.”

Quin Cumming (2018-2021)
Physical & Health Education Teacher, Junior School

Quinn's research focuses on the development of "grit" as it relates to physical pursuits. She wonders why some girls pursue challenging goals and persevere in physical education classes, while others tend to give up when confronted with obstacles. 

Quinn is examining strategies to encourage girls, specifically Middle School girls, to recognize the motivation to quit or persist, in order to choose the latter when confronted by a challenge. Quinn believes that "teaching girls to persevere when confronted by physical challenges will help them to  increase their confidence and resilience." 

Phil Stringer (2018–2021)
Department Head, Mathematics, Senior School

Phil notes that "colleagues in many subjects often say that students do not remember skills, concepts or strategies from one year to the next, and students say ‘but that was last year!’ or ‘but that was in physics!’.” This has motivated Phil to focus his research on deepening student understanding for recall long after their mathematics class has finished.

Phil is investigating how approaching teaching math in a "deunitized" manner may result in students retaining more skills from year to year and increase their access to problem-solving strategies when tackling unfamiliar questions.

Sophia Hunter (2017–2020)
Teacher Librarian, Junior School

Sophia’s research examines how the medium impacts the reading experience and student learning. “As digital technologies are now a seamless part of learning, questions remain regarding their successful use and implementation,” says Sophia. 

She is taking part in a review of the current literature on this subject to develop a Junior School-wide approach to reading and researching that enables students to effectively work in both digital and written mediums. This research will also help teachers work with students to use the best medium for the task. 

Gail Robinson (2017–2020)
Department Head, English, Senior School

Gail’s research focuses on the implementation of a student-centred mode of teaching based on a Harkness approach. Harkness uses a disciplined framework, with high expectations for reading and writing, to empower students to participate. 

In Gail's words, “the success of a Harkness class depends on the quality of each student’s preparation for active participation in the learning process, as well as a willingness to develop effective skills as inquirers, collaborators, listeners, speakers, thinkers and risk-takers.”

Artist in Residence

Through our Artist in Residence Program, a visiting artist joins our community for a school year, sharing their expertise and inspiring our students, faculty and staff over a one year term. 

Mariana Frochtengarten (2019-2020)
Independent Textile Artist and Teacher

Mariana Frochtengarten arrives at Crofton House in September 2019. She is an independent textile artist and teacher with over twenty years of practicing and researching traditional and non-traditional manual dyeing and printing techniques. Through Ms Frochtengarten’s “strong belief that textile based practices can be used to develop personal skills and individual forms of expression”, the CHS students will develop a new way to express themselves, creatively and individually.

Devin Roth (2018–2019)
Composer, Pianist, Music eEducator

Devin Roth joined Crofton House in September 2018. He created a home for himself in the recording studio and shared his composition, performance and conducting experience with students in the Junior and Senior Schools. At the same time, students were expanding their understanding of careers available in music. 

Examples of his work are available on his website:

Tsēma Igharas (2017–2018)
Interdisciplinary Artist

Tsēma Igharas arrived at Crofton House School in September 2017 and created a home base in the Senior School art studio. Tsēma worked closely with Junior and Senior School students; her impact is visible in the art being created and the way in which students think about their art. For our teachers, working with a professional artist presented the opportunity to enrich their practice every day. 

Explore images of Tsēma’s art on her website:

Week-at-a-Glance: The Artist in Residence Program

There was a moment in the school on Thursday that put a spotlight on one element of the strategic plan that has been transformational for many in the school. The Senior School spent time this week celebrating Hispanic culture and traditions. Food, language, dance, festival traditions such as piñata, and the music of Hispanic culture were scattered through the week for the pleasure and edification of everyone. It’s been fun and interesting.

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