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Past Research Chairs of Teaching and Learning

Continuing our long tradition of being a leader in girls’ education, Crofton House School teachers can apply to become a Research Chair of Teaching and Learning and contribute to the teaching profession in a meaningful way through funded and progressive research over a three year term. The following teachers have completed their terms as research chairs. 

Sophia Hunter (2017–2020)
Teacher Librarian, Junior School

Sophia’s research examines how the medium impacts the reading experience and student learning. “As digital technologies are now a seamless part of learning, questions remain regarding their successful use and implementation,” says Sophia. 

She is taking part in a review of the current literature on this subject to develop a Junior School-wide approach to reading and researching that enables students to effectively work in both digital and written mediums. This research will also help teachers work with students to use the best medium for the task. 

Gail Robinson (2017–2020)
Department Head, English, Senior School

Gail’s research focuses on the implementation of a student-centred mode of teaching based on a Harkness approach. Harkness uses a disciplined framework, with high expectations for reading and writing, to empower students to participate. 

In Gail's words, “the success of a Harkness class depends on the quality of each student’s preparation for active participation in the learning process, as well as a willingness to develop effective skills as inquirers, collaborators, listeners, speakers, thinkers and risk-takers.”