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Crofton House School Students

Each one of our girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 comes to Crofton House School with a unique life experience. What they share while here is a transformative experience that allows them to discover and reach their true potential. Meet some of the inspiring students who make Crofton House School so special.

“These are the girls who will be the future leaders, the girls who will make the difference. They can do anything. That’s what we need girls and women to do. To make it a better world for everyone.”

Ena Harrop | Head of School
Bianca Dammholz ’19

I came to Crofton House in Grade 1 and have enjoyed my 12-year journey immensely. One of my favourite experiences was winning the Provincial Championships for Volleyball and Track and Field in 2017. In Grade 10, I participated in CHS Global Exchange Programme going to New Zealand. Through this experience I became more independent and it’s one of the reasons why attending university abroad was appealing to me. Next year I will be attending Oxford University to study law. As I look forward, I am a little sad to leave this one-of-a-kind community, but am extremely excited to pursue my dream career.

Bridget Spencer ’19

At Crofton House, students  have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities. The close-knit community that welcomed me in Grade 8 has helped me grow both personally and academically. Next year, I will be pursuing a degree in science at the University of California, San Diego. Crofton House has given me and interdisciplinary and comprehensive education that is invaluable to all fields of study.

Emily Bretsen ’19

Crofton House has given me many opportunities to discover and explore, allowing me to find new interests and passions. Both in and out of the classroom, I've been able to express myself in novel, creative ways. As well, I've been able to take risks with full knowledge that the CHS community has my back and will always be there to lend a helping hand. Thanks to Crofton House, I've realized my love for engaging in intellectually stimulating debates and cooperating with others in order to solve issues. Next year I will be pursuing a degree in Health Sciences at Queen's University.

Lauren Fotheringham ’19

Throughout my years at Crofton House, I noticed the effort made by both teachers and students to create a welcoming classroom environment. In younger grades, I was always terrified of public speaking and dreaded any presentations or talks. However, the Harkness-style classrooms in the Senior School increased my confidence and provided a unique opportunity to partake in open-minded discussions with classmates and teachers. Next year, I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Management at UBC. I am sure that the adaptability I’ve learned from participating in a variety of learning approaches at Crofton House will prove to be valuable when I will be surrounded by many more people in a different learning environment.

Nataysia Mikula-Noble ’19

Crofton House has been an integral stepping stone on my journey towards university and preparing for the future. Crofton House has truly created a community network that not only supports intellectual growth, but also a familial atmosphere that will be missed. The courses allow for a wide range of flexibility and self-discovery. This helped me discover my passion in the field of the humanities. As I approach the new journey ahead of me, I am confident that the critical thinking skills I have developed will benefit me in the future. Next year I will be studying medicine at the University of St Andrews. After 12 years, I am excited to see what lies ahead of me across the Atlantic, but I always know I have a place to come back to at Crofton House.