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Crofton House School Students

Each one of our girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 comes to Crofton House School with a unique life experience. What they share while here is a transformative experience that allows them to discover and reach their true potential. Meet some of the inspiring students who make Crofton House School so special.

“These are the girls who will be the future leaders, the girls who will make the difference. They can do anything. That’s what we need girls and women to do. To make it a better world for everyone.”

Ena Harrop | Head of School
Esmee Alexiadis-Beech ’20

During the 12 years I spent at Crofton House School, I always knew that someone would have my back and support me through all the ups and downs. Crofton House is such a great school with a strong and caring community. Whether it came from a teacher or student, I always had the help I needed. One of those supports was regular meetings with my university counsellor in Grade 10 and 11. Over multiple sessions, she helped me discover my true passions and realize what I would need to do to get into my top school. I’m proud of the work I did to make it happen, and next year, I’m planning to study psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa—my first choice. I’ll minor in business, and aim for law school.

Alexandra Chan ’20

I came to Crofton House School in Grade 4 and have had a wide range of experiences—from travelling to New Zealand on exchange, to being a part of the field hockey team, and playing in concert band. I have loved getting to know all 104 of my classmates throughout the years and I'm looking forward to seeing where they all end up during our next reunion. I am excited to experience the next chapter of my life and pursue my passion for the environment and social businesses in the years to come. I will be attending Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Tiara Safaei ’20

I arrived at Crofton House in Grade 1 and have enjoyed the journey that brought me from building ivy cups in the woods, to building elastic-energy-powered cars with the STEM club. I am especially grateful for the community that has helped me discover and pursue my interests both within and outside of the classroom. In particular, through my involvement in the regional science fair since Grade 9, I have discovered a passion for tackling pertinent issues (particularly those in healthcare) through research and development. In the coming year, I look forward to pursuing a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Natalie Leong ’20

Every morning for the past 12 years, I've opened Crofton House's doors at 7:00 am and walked into my second home: a community where I created music, co-captained the STEM club, designed robots, debated global events, and explored the outdoors. From releasing monarch butterflies in Grade 1, to our first Bamfield trip in Grade 6 and then again with the AP Bio class in Grade 11, I can certainly say that Crofton House has instilled in me a passion for animal sciences and veterinary medicine. I'd like to thank my family (my parents, brothers, and dogs) as well as my Crofton family (my friends, teachers, and staff) for all of their support as I pursue my lifelong dream in veterinary school. Next year, I am excited to start the five-year direct entry Veterinary Medicine Program at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. 

Maya Shah ’20

My 12 years at Crofton House have helped me discover many different passions. With help from my CHS family, I was able to narrow those down to a course of study to pursue. Next year, I’m excited to begin my studies at the University of Exeter in Computer Science with Industrial Placement. I will miss the community and family that Crofton House has provided—a very important part of my life. But I am glad to know I am taking the skills I need with me. 

Michelle Kim ’20

Above all, my time at Crofton House has taught me to believe in my passions, rather than focus on expectations. I have had so many valuable life lessons here, and I can’t wait to come back to Vancouver in the future to tell my old friends and teachers about the new ones to come. Next year, I will be studying liberal arts at NYU Abu Dhabi. I want to thank my teachers and friends for their infinite support and advice that gave me the confidence to apply to a university so far from my home and experience. I will follow my passions there.