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The Class of Titanium '22

Each of our girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 comes to Crofton House School with a unique life experience. What they share while here is a transformative experience that allows them to discover and reach their true potential. 

The Class of 2022 has a special bond built on shared grad experiences, kindness and encouragement of each other's diverse interests. With a return to in-person events, they found fun ways to uphold our traditions with some Titanium ‘22 flare (see their Croft-Chella memories for just one example!) and showed outstanding leadership and citizenship in bringing our community together again. 

Throughout the year, we heard from several graduates in the Class of 2022 about their journeys through CHS, the activities they enjoyed most, and the moments that make up their fond memories of time here. We hope you enjoy! 

"These are the girls who will be the future leaders, the girls who will make the difference. They can do anything. That’s what we need girls and women to do. To make it a better world for everyone." Ena Harrop | Head of School
Mia Tsao '22, Head Girl

“I'll miss my friends and coming to one place every day and seeing the same faces, having everything be very familiar to you. But I think one of the things I’ll miss is the teachers—they literally breathed life into the School. Without them, it just would not be the same.”

Katie Bos '22, Prefect of Health and Wellness

“I love the science lab. Other schools don't always have access to the range of equipment and science opportunities that we have here.”

Jacqueline Ding '22, Prefect of Technology

“I joined Tech Crew initially in Grade 8. Last year, I was the club captain and this year, I'm the Prefect of Technology. I've always known I wanted to go into STEM-related fields, so Tech Crew, Robotics, and these clubs were just a jumping board to seeing what I liked. And I also just love theatre. It made sense to join the two [through stage production]."

Lucy Jagger '22, Prefect of Ivy Compass

“The teachers have been taking student feedback, and then the Ivy Days are planned based on what a specific grade wants to do. My favourite part of the Ivy Compass Program is that it's student-oriented … teachers want students to leave Crofton with a good understanding of themselves in their world.”

Carina Chilcott '22, Grade 12 Sports Captain

“With sports at Crofton, I feel like you love the sport, but you also love your team and the people you're playing with. Coming to Crofton House … I refound my passion for tennis because I was able to have fun and play with people that I enjoyed spending my time with.”