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The Girl Effect

An all girls’ school provides an environment where girls can be themselves and where they can blossom into confident and resilient young women. It is no secret that girls and boys learn differently and have unique requirements to reach their full potential. At Crofton House School, we create a learning environment where girls thrive.

Girls from independent, single-sex schools are more likely to experience:

  • Greater academic engagement than their coeducation counterparts. They are more likely to engage in study groups, tutor other students and talk with their teachers outside of class
  • Higher academic self-confidence in their academic ability, intellectual self-confidence, and public speaking skills
  • Higher confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills
  • Greater political engagement in class and with friends
  • Active participation in the front lines of all leadership roles at the school - academic, arts, athletics, and in the community.
  • Greater interest in graduate school
  • Three times more likely to pursue a career in engineering
  • Stronger predisposition towards co-curricular engagement and are more likely to participate in student clubs or groups when they are in college

The school founder, Dr. Jessie Gordon, was an educational pioneer with a far-reaching dream. A visionary of her time, she believed in the transformative power of knowledge. In 1898, she established a school where young women could step beyond gender and reach the full extent of their potential. This philosophy has remained at the heart of Crofton House School for over a century.

NCGS: The Power of All-Girls Schools

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