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Class reunions are a great opportunity to strengthen friendships, reconnect with class members, and encourage ongoing connections with Crofton House School - not to mention a great excuse to have a party!

Class of 1966's 50-Year Reunion

Reunion & Dinner - The Class of 1966 will be celebrating their 50th reunion by attending Crofton House School's 118th Birthday Celebration at the school on Friday, March 4, 2016. Dinner that evening will be hosted by Nancy (Ladner) Edmonds '66. All 1966 classmates are welcome to join the reunion and dinner.

Open House - 1966 classmates and CHS friends are also invited to join in at an informal “open house” starting at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 5 at the Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver. Feel free to contact Connie Munsey '66 at the Sylvia Hotel (604 681 9321) for the duration of her stay from March 3–5.

Class of 1965's 50-Year Reunion

TOP PICTURE: 12 Alumnae gathered for the 117th School Birthday Lunch, on March 6th, 2015

Front Row: left to right

Jane Valair (McClellan), Mardie Campbell, Quita Francis (Brealey), Margaret Nelson (Black), Kathleen Pearson

Back Row: left to right

Kit Fowler (Molyneux), Nancy de Vink (Allan), Vicki Crompton (Smith), Sheilah Henderson (Bain), Jill Wilson (Smith), Elaine Harman (Williams), Susan Masi (Dolmage

BOTTOM PICTURE: Sheilah Henderson (Bain) and Quita Francis (Brealey) hosted a 50th Anniversary Dinner, Saturday March 7th at Sheilah’s Home in North Vancouver for 15 Class of ‘65 Alumnae


Front Row: left to right

Kit Fowler (Molyneux), Margaret Nelson (Black), Vicki Crompton (Smith), Ann Mortifee, Sheilah Henderson (Bain),


Back Row:left to right

Jane Valair (McClellan), Nancy de Vink (Allan), Wendy Valair (German), Elaine Harman (Williams), Mia Killam, Kathleen Pearson, Sherry Bie, Quita Francis (Brealey), Susan Masi (Dolmage), Stephanie James left before picture taken)

Class of 1975's 40-Year Reunion


From Fran Sloan Sainas:

The class of 1975 had a memorable celebration last Saturday night at Trish Hurl (Cooke)’s wonderful home. Emails of appreciation are still coming in. We had 32 people (over 60%) attend with old girls and alumnae coming from San Francisco, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, Kamloops, Black Creek, Victoria and all over the lower mainland.


Class of 1994's 20-Year Reunion

From Shannon Davidson '94:

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago this “energetic” and “unique” class graduated from grade 12. Although years have passed, and we've had many marriages, children, and careers, it was lovely to see how many of us still remain the same at heart.

This class continues to amaze me with all their accomplishments and unbelievably interesting career paths.From actresses, Hollywood dress designers, teachers with the Haida Gwaii, those involved with first nations an Arctic ecologist, leCordon Bleu chef, a jeweler, teachers, physiotherapists, doctors, lawyers, and business women – the list goes on and is astonishing!

We celebrated our 20th reunion together and with family in August with a two day, three event weekend.

Thank you to the Faber family for hosting our Friday “girls only” event at their beautiful home overlooking the ocean and mountains. The weather was fabulous and we had a great turnout with plenty of time to catch up prior to involving the partners and children.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a family picnic on the new turf field at CHS (where did the “Crofton Canyon” go with all of its craters that trained our field hockey team to excel in all conditions?) It was lovely meeting everyone’s children and having them all play together. Despite the extreme heat, they all managed to enjoy the bouncy castle, face painting, sports toys, and bubbles. Thank you to Joy, Amy, Tracy, and Kim for helping with picnic preparation. Those interested went on a tour of the present school. What a change! A completely new school from the one we left 20 years ago!

Saturday night was a lovely time to wind down and spend some time meeting spouses and partners, and saying our goodbyes. Shanni and Julia helped prepare a lovely evening in Yaletown at George restaurant.

We are sorry to have not seen ALL our CHS Grad '94 friends but were happy with the turnout. Despite two decades passing us by, the warmth and friendships between us all seem to have stood the test of time.

Servabo Fidem Grad ’94! See you all in another 20 years!

Class of 1954's 60-Year Reunion

Over a dozen 1954 classmates came together to celebrate their 60th reunion over the weekend of the school’s birthday.The group enjoyed all aspects of the day including the assembly and a group tour of the school.Celebrations carried on all weekend with lots of laughter and story telling.

Class of 1964's 50-Year Reunion

Sixteen members members of the Class of 1964 got together for their 50-year reunion at the school's birthday celebration in March, 2014. Nine of the group were boarders coming from as far away as Toronto, Chicago, and Idaho, some returning to the school for the first time since graduation. The alumnae had a great time seeing the changes in the school, visiting the old residence, and remembering fun times together. The celebration continued that evening with a private dinner at the Vancouver Tennis Club. What a treat to get together with long-ago friends and catch up on 50 years!

Left to right, top to bottom (maiden names): Maureen Sanderson, Cynthia Challenger, Carrell Whalen, Flick Walkem, Stefani Nerheium, Trish McLaws, Mary Gillanders, Heather German, Eileen Isabelle, Hallidie Hill, Susan Shore, Joan Campbell, Ann Taylor

Four boarders sitting on the porch in front of the old dining room. Left to right: Ann Taylor, Joan Campbell, Hallidie Hill, Maureen Sanderson.

Class of 1974's 40-Year Reunion

Forty years didn’t seem to affect our ability to remember stories and laugh really hard. The years melted away. We remembered how dedicated our teachers were: Mrs. Harper knew every date of every event in history; Madame Pyrgos was so easily side-tracked and told us wonderful stories of her life (and wow… the school pageant she wrote and we performed on the history of the school was amazing); dear Mrs. Duel loved her periodic table, and Mrs. Pierson her pop quizzes in English lit class. We had our share of pranks, too: running through the halls of St. George’s, jumping in and out of the pool and then going back to Mrs. Harper’s class with wet hair (after a visit to Miss Addison’s office). Who could forget Mrs. Duel fleeing the lab when there were squished raisins on the floor?

Our reunion was all about sharing the stories of our lives. Through post-reunion emails, we all acknowledged each other’s courage, resilience, and wisdom to deal with the challenges that have come our way. To quote a classmate “we are loving, strong, and beautiful women.” Our years at CHS were a special time in our lives.


Class of 1987


Members of the Class of '87 managed to carve out a Saturday evening in Yaletown to exchange stories and laugh…a lot.

Back row: Jillian Bryan, Rhea (McGraw) Dubois-Phillips, Rachel Farrall, Sonya Zeitler Fletcher, Karli (DeVries) Shih, Damienne Darby, Seraphina Wales, Siri (Brown) Webster 
Front row: Peggy Patterson, Alexis (Moores), Peta (Simpkins) Wales, Laura (Murphy) Harrison, Julie Sawatsky, Daegan Fryklind
Not pictured but participated: Mary (Waldock) Markwick, Lee-Lynn Gan, Roma (Gopaul-Singh) Palmer, Kristina Howe, Tanya (Chamberlain) Donaldson


Some brought pictures, Croftonians, class newsletters, even dance tickets, and there was a hearty exchange on what we thought happened versus what really happened.

Following drinks and dinner, some were even able to stay up past midnight to catch up with the Grad '87 Saints class at a good old fashioned house party.

Whether in Vancouver or around the globe, our girls are living and working with children and families, computers, investment and taxes, screenplays and publishers, legal systems, hotels, forest products, animals and much more.

It was wonderful to see those who could join us, and we missed those who couldn’t. Despite the different paths our lives are taking, the laughter was still the same.

Sonya Zeitler Fletcher (Head Girl, Grad '87)


Class of 1962

On May 23rd and 24th 2012 , under sunny skies, at Joanna Hutton's lake house at Whatcom Lake, Bellingham, the wonderful girls of '62 gathered for a sleepover to celebrate 50 years.

Back row: Marti Oppenheimer, Eleanor (Greene) Elliott, Ina (Bradley) Guse, Linda Williams, Kathy Krantz, Bunny (Madden) Vagg, Doreen Davidson, Jane Grafton, Gretchen Gahan.

Front row: Natalie (George) Erskine, Heather (Horner) Dalcourt, Georgia (Keate) Macadams, Jeanne (Hurford) Rohweder, Carol  (Powlett) Pepper, Marsha (Wallace) Belanger, Barbara Burton, Joanna (Nerheim) Hutton. 

The organizing committee of Georgia, Bunny, and Joanna worked tirelessly and happily to make this important event one to remember and were so appreciative of all the spontaneous offers of help.

Our reunion began with hugs and was sustained with laughter and stories through a welcome brunch, dinner, a marathon super scrabble game, and breakfast the following morning.

We surprised the girls with a very deluxe cake baked just for us by a famously talented baker from Bellingham. Over the years we have gathered for the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th CHS birthdays with such a significant percentage of our class attending each year.

As the reunion drew to a close , each girl was presented with a goody bag containing a copy of the formal grad photo, CHS mints, CHS paper pad and a beautiful chrome pen inscribed to mark the occasion, a gift from Jo and Dave Hutton. The following was written on the card to each girl: 

"A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil, but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and some silly presents every so often ....  just to save it from drying out completely." 

We shared our special thanks to Peggy Macdonald Alumnae Relations for all her helpful guidance and patience during the planning stages.

Wishing each other peace, grace and wellness, we said our "goodbyes" knowing that the girls of '62 are a gift to us all.



Class Reunions

It’s the perfect time to start organizing your class reunion.  If you graduated in 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009 or 2014 and are interested in gathering classmates together to celebrate, contact the Alumnae Relations Office.

Alumnae Relations

Advancement Office
t: 604 263 3255 Ext. 4201
e: alumnae@croftonhouse.ca


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