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Responsible Use of Technology Policy


CHS: Crofton House School

Data: all the information on which operations are performed by a computer, being stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals; includes text, audio, image, video and other file types

Device: any electronic technology, including, but not limited to, laptops, phones, tablet computers, wearable technology, and cameras

Hosted: the physical location of the servers that maintain that information

I: the student enrolled at Crofton House School

ICT: information and communication technologies

Network: wired or wireless connectivity to the school’s servers, school’s printers, other computers, other devices, and the Internet.

Teacher: a teacher employed by Crofton House School

You: the student enrolled at Crofton House School

Responsible Use

This document represents Crofton House School’s best understanding of responsible use at the time this document was written. If any changes are made, you and your parent(s) / guardian(s) will be notified by the school.

Technology is used at Crofton House School to support research and productivity, and to enhance instruction. The Internet allows people to interact with other networks, computers, and devices, accessing resources and exchanging information. It is not managed, owned, or controlled by any one body and hence its use is governed by cooperative consensus about appropriate behaviour, the details of which are listed below. Further, it is a general policy at Crofton House School that all technology is to be used legally, ethically, and acceptably, as well as with kindness in mind.

Because access to the Internet provides connections to other computerized systems located all over the world, users and the parents / guardians of students who are users must understand that Crofton House School does not control the content available on these other systems. Some of the information available is controversial, is not appropriate for all age groups, or may occasionally be offensive. Crofton House School does not condone the use of such materials, but cannot guarantee that you may not access them, even when using computers in monitored classroom situations.

All Crofton House School students are issued with computer network accounts. Students in grades 1-12 are also issued Google Apps for Education accounts. However, accounts for students in grades 1-3 will be limited to emailing students and teachers within the Crofton House School domain. Students in grades 8-12 will participate in Crofton House School’s one-to-one program. The following is a list of policy rules and regulations governing the responsible use of information and communication technologies while enrolled at Crofton House School. This applies to any device, including school-owned and personal devices.

If you neglect to abide by any part of the Responsible Use of Technology Policy, the school administration will consider the consequences on an individual basis. Students should be aware that the consequences may include an assessment of the student’s continued enrolment at CHS.

General Use

  • The teacher sets the guidelines for device use in class, including when, and how it is to be used.
  • During class time, devices must be used for class work only.
  • Use of the school’s computer and network must not be in violation of any of CHS’s Responsible Use of Technology Policy, or CHS’s Code of Conduct.  Crofton House School will not be liable for misuse of computers and network which are in violation of any of CHS's Responsible Use of Technology, or CHS's Code of Conduct.
  • Crofton House is not responsible for restricting, monitoring, or controlling the communications of individuals utilizing the school’s ICT resources when you are on or off site, but retains the right to do so if the school deems it necessary.  Examples include where there are threats of violence, or if the safety of the school, or a member/members of the school community is in jeopardy, or there is some other type of illegal conduct.
  • Crofton House School does not want to ban the use of or access to particular websites; however, if a specific site is misused at the school, the site will be blocked.
  • You must not share any of your passwords with other peers, students, or friends.
  • Your use of the school’s computer must not be in violation of any laws governing the area in which the computer is being used, and in which the online resources or software are hosted.
  • You must not access, duplicate, store, or transmit offensive material.
  • You must not access, duplicate, store, or transmit material in violation of copyright law.
  • You and your parent(s) or guardian(s) accept the responsibility for any legal consequences of improper use through the school’s computers, resources, and Internet access. This includes, but is not limited to, consequences for having illegally obtained copies of software, music, or videos on your school laptop.
  • You must not use any form of vulgar, profane, obscene, sexist, harassing, or abusive language online.
  • You must not use your accounts for commercial purposes or for political lobbying unless this use is authorized by a teacher for educational purposes.
  • Think twice about what you put on the social networks. What you put on them is a reflection of yourself and influences how others think of you. Social networks are legally public spaces, even when all of the privacy settings are turned on, and their content may be permanent.

When Not Under Teacher or School Supervision

  • It is the responsibility of your parent(s) / guardian(s) to guide your Internet use and behaviour when the school’s laptop is used without teacher or school supervision, and to monitor your home ICT use including Internet usage, filtering devices, and content.

Google Apps

  • Computer network and Google Apps accounts are created for the user for whom they were issued and must be used by only that person.
  • You must maintain your Crofton House School Google Apps account so that it is always operational for school purposes. Maintenance includes knowing your login details, and ensuring that storage space is available.

Respect for Others

  • You must respect the privacy of others. Do not attempt to make audio or visual recordings, to broadcast live feeds, or to distribute information about teachers, students, or any other member of the Crofton House School community without each person’s permission.
  • You must not publish or distribute anything that causes disrepute to Crofton House School, its students, or its employees.
  • You must not alter or damage facilities, hardware, software, system files, websites, or operating system software in any way that would prevent or interfere with the intended use of the computer system by others. This includes the willful distribution of a computer virus or other malware, and attempting to fraudulently gain unauthorized access to privileges, accounts, data, software, computers, or networks.

We expect all students of Crofton House School to have Internet access and to handle it responsibly.

If you neglect to abide by any part of the Responsible Use of Technology Policy, there will be consequences given by the school on an individual basis. Consequences may be, but are not limited to, the following

  • meeting with administration
  • a note in your permanent file
  • counselling
  • notification given to your parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • suspension from the school
  • notification given to law enforcement authorities
  • expulsion from the school

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