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Beautiful Campus and
Innovative Learning Spaces 

A unique learning environment built for girls

Crofton House School’s beautiful 10-acre campus, located on Vancouver’s west side, offers modern, specialized learning facilities and a safe and happy environment for girls. But its natural beauty – the woods and paths, gardens, open spaces and large field for exploring, learning, playing and running – are what make this place truly special.

The unique experience of having all facilities from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 on a single spacious campus is unparalleled in the city, and it fosters community and relationships that span the School. Inside the walls of our carefully designed learning spaces, Crofton House is buzzing with activity, laughter, music and discussion. 

At the heart of our campus is Manrell Hall, a place where we gather as a community to commemorate special events, hold weekly assemblies and meet each day over a healthy school-provided lunch. 

All of this is right in the city – allowing regular class trips to Vancouver’s parks, beaches, mountains and cultural attractions. 

Fine Arts Centre

Our fine arts programs give girls the opportunities to develop themselves as creative thinkers and performers, and our campus provides the specialized spaces to support these programs. Used by both Junior and Senior School students, the Fine Arts Centre was completely renovated and reopened in 2017 to include:

  • A 330-seat theatre with state-of-the-art equipment and lighting, and a foyer/presentation area 
  • A 90-seat “black box” theatre for drama 
  • A makerspace design studios for girls to gather to create, invent and learn
  • A dance studio 
  • Four art studios
  • Music and band rooms, including a dedicated music room for Junior School students, and a recording studio

Athletics Facilities

Daily physical activity and the opportunity to join a team to play sports are integral parts of our whole-girl education approach. Our specialized facilities include:

  • Senior School Athletics Centre, including a well-equipped fitness centre, large gymnasium, physical education classroom and change rooms
  • Dedicated gymnasium for girls in Grade 1–7 attached to the Junior School 
  • Kent Field, a multi-sport, water-based turf that supports physical and health education classes, sports days and athletic competitions 

Outdoor Spaces

The beautiful outdoor spaces and peaceful woods on our campus are truly special for all Crofton House girls. These are places where girls can connect with nature, use their imaginations, play, explore, create and learn. Outdoor spaces are regularly turned into outdoor classrooms.

Junior School

Early Childhood Education Centre (Junior & Senior Kindergarten): 

  • Bright and purposely designed to meet the needs of young girls 
  • Child-level windows with window seats
  • Specially designed children’s furniture and fittings 
  • Large display areas to feature children’s work 
  • Central kitchen facilities for snack preparation and cooking activities 
  • Classrooms on two levels, both opening to outdoor play areas 
  • Protected outdoor Mini Woods play area 
  • Dedicated and convenient pickup and drop-off parking spots

Junior School Building Features:

  • Bright, connected and thoughtfully designed for young learners
  • Atrium in the centre is the heart of the Junior School: a gathering place for girls, teachers and parents
  • Dedicated library and Learning Commons area
  • Junior School gym and easy access to Kent Field 
  • Dedicated music room and art space in the Fine Arts Centre
  • Welcoming student services centre that combines counselling and learning resource support 
  • Common spaces between classrooms of the same grade foster interaction among the girls and collaboration among teachers

Senior School

  • Beautifully designed building customized for modern teaching and learning
  • New gymnasium and athletics facilities, including a large, well-equipped fitness centre, and Kent Field  
  • Comprehensive library with 14,000 fiction, non-fiction and reference books, a digital and audiovisual collection, and equipment such as laptops, an LCD projector, video and digital cameras, headphones and a scanner
  • Student Services area with spaces for girls to meet with personal counsellors, to drop in for learning resources support, and to work with academic and university counsellors
  • Specialized classrooms: 
    • Science labs 
    • Computer science classroom and robotics lab 
    • Food and textiles rooms 
    • Film studies classroom with editing suites and green-screen filming area