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Our Approach to Athletics

A bond that spans grades, houses and sports –
we are Crofton Falcons

Crofton House School’s strong athletics program is a blend of competitive spirit, teamwork and fun. Being physically active is an integral part of our whole-girl approach to education. Our girls learn much more than physical skills through their participation in athletics. They develop confidence, competence, and a sense of community and connection to their team and school. The experience of working towards a common goal teaches girls commitment, resilience and respect for others.


“When I lost my shoe, I just kept on running and I saw my friends cheering me on at the finish line. I was proud of myself because the time was five seconds off my personal best.”

Natasha ’23 | CHS Student

Crofton Falcons

Sleek, dynamic and agile, Falcons are known to be the fastest creature on earth – they are untouchable. The female falcon is larger than her male counterpart, and her power is infinite. These beautiful and powerful birds are capable of reaching skyscraping heights, far beyond what should be achievable. Falcons pair for life  – let them inspire us to feel a connected sense of pride each time we sport our Crofton House colours. 

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