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Inspiring Every Girl

At Crofton House, each girl is truly seen for who she is. With an exceptional range of programs and opportunities offered, each girl can reach her own unique potentialCrofton House girls create their own unique experiences at the School by exploring countless opportunities to try new things and cultivate emerging interests. From design to filmmaking, from debate to athletics, from music to math, and from science and technology to outdoor education, there’s truly something for everyone here.

Crofton House challenges its students to grow academically and personally while providing the tools to help them solve problems and build resiliency at every stage of their development. Expectations are high, but each girl is guided on her learning journey by caring teachers and our robust homeroom and advisory programs, and student support services. 

Crofton House students embrace responsibility for their learning, and as as result, they are more engaged and invested in their education. Here, girls are inspired to discover and pursue their personal excellence so that when they go out into the world, the possibilities for their futures are limitless.

“Crofton House is a good environment for trying, failing and trying again. It's very encouraging. You learn new things and you grow as a person.” 

Tricia ’22 | CHS Student