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Junior Kindergarten–Grade 7

A safe and joyful environment that fosters a love of learning

Our Junior School girls are enthusiastic and confident students who ask big questions, express their opinions and are excited to explore their ideas. Our youngest learners participate in projects and activities that fill our classrooms and halls with discussion, music and laughter. Amid all of this energy, self-reliant, inquisitive and reflective young thinkers begin to emerge, ready to take on the next challenge. 

Each day at our Junior School is filled with wonder and discovery. The fundamentals of education, such as literacy and numeracy, are balanced with the importance of play. Field trips, building a website or racing through the School’s woods spark imaginations. Indoors and out become one inspiring classroom where girls are encouraged to apply their learning to real life. 

Designed to complement the way girls learn best, the Junior School offers an intentional approach based on collaboration, curiosity and choice. Our educational program provides girls with a level of independence that increases over time from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7. 

Teachers who are committed to their students and an educational program that is integrated throughout the School provide consistency in teaching the girls life lessons as they progress through the grades, helping to prepare them for their next steps.

Reading, Writing and Speaking

  • Individual reading program in Senior Kindergarten develops reading skills in partnership with parents 
  • Students in Grade 4–7 participate in an annual school-wide public speaking event
  • Regular visits from acclaimed authors and poets, and annual visits from a Writer-in-Residence
  • Dedicated Junior School library and Learning Commons

Math and Science

  • Teachers and students work with our resident mathematician, Carole Fullerton, to implement a math culture where understanding is at the core; students improve their math skills through a variety of problem-solving activities
  • Girls learn to be scientists through engaging hands-on units that cover a topic in depth – from butterflies to salmon – over a month
  • Middle School science students work in a lab with equipment, tools and designs to investigate scientific inquiries

Arts, Music and Design Thinking

  • Creative self-expression is an essential part of the Crofton House learning journey. Extensive art, drama and music programs provide a wonderland of creative opportunities for curious young minds 
  • From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5, we focus on all aspects of music development. This includes musical theatre in the classroom, dancing and creative movement, history, ear training, and instrumental and vocal skills. Girls also have the opportunity to join co-curricular choirs
  • From Grade 6, girls begin to take specialized music courses in beginner band and choral singing. In Grade 6 and 7, girls can participate in the Middle School musical and Intermediate Choir; from Grade 7, girls can choose between choir and band
  • Through our Artist-in-Residence Program, professional artists share their expertise and help students and teachers deepen their understanding of the arts
  • Our modern design program is delivered in unique, specialized spaces that promote design thinking, which is introduced starting in kindergarten by our resident design technician. Younger students bring their creative ideas to life with materials and equipment such as building blocks, arts and craft supplies, and small electronic parts and tools. Starting in Grade 6, girls work through the creative process by using with materials and sophisticated equipment
  • Field trips to cultural events, galleries and festivals 

Physical Education and Athletics

  • Physical education and athletics in the Junior School are designed to encourage participation and skill development in a non-competitive environment 
  • Through daily participation in physical activity, all girls develop confidence, competence, and a sense of community and connection
  • Daily physical education – including gymnastics, yoga and dance – instills a commitment to regular physical activity
  • Inclusive co-curricular athletic teams and intramurals extend our physical education program, allowing every girl to participate, whatever her athletic ability
  • In Grade 3–4, students can join fitness challenge, cross-country, and track and field. Starting in Grade 5, girls can also join the volleyball and basketball team, and in Grade 6, the field hockey team. 70% of girls in the Junior School participate in sports
  • Athletics facilities include a large playing field, dedicated Junior School gymnasium and movement room

“The Junior School is a place where your daughter will be cared for and surrounded by wonderful role models who will ask the most of her and challenge her to be her best.” 

Susan Hutchison | Director, Junior School

Program Features

Intake years

  • While applications are accepted for all grades, our primary Junior School intake years are Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grade 6 Learn more

The CHS difference

  • Our signature program, Ivy Compass, fosters personal growth, leadership and engaged citizenship through real-life experiences inside and outside of the classroom 

Parent involvement

  • Regular parent/teacher communication, volunteer opportunities, coffee mornings, parent evenings and events

Small class sizes

  • Small classes led by caring teachers and specialists in art, design, drama, music, physical education and French

Enriching learning

  • BC-curriculum-based arts and music programs are enhanced with co-curricular activities, including Primary and Intermediate Choirs and an annual Middle School musical
  • Public speaking opportunities, including Debate Club
  • Many after-school activities, including:
    • Co-curricular activities and clubs, ranging from Cooking Club to Reporters 
    • Program Plus activities (fee-based), ranging from Goh Ballet Academy to video production

Learning support

  • Learning resource support available to all students


  • iPad tablets provided in Grade 1–7 to support the learning experience and to ensure a healthy relationship with technology 
  • Technology is intentionally introduced with digital literacy and the impact of screen time on young children in mind

Outdoor education

  • Starting in Grade 3, girls go on annual outdoor education trips to challenge themselves, connect with nature, and learn about sustainability and environmental stewardship

Healthy habits

  • Daily physical education and unstructured outdoor playtime
  • Daily healthy, hot lunch provided to all students through our Community Dining Program

School hours

  • 8:35 am–3:05 pm (Kindergarten)
  • 8:20 am–3:20 pm (Grade 1–7), with supervision from 7:50 am to 3:50 pm
  • Before-and-After-School Library Program (7:30 am–8:00 am and 3:30 pm– 5:30pm) supports working parents who need an early drop-off or late pickup for their daughter