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Middle School (Grade 6 & 7)

Fostering her emerging independent spirit while supporting her learning, growth and development

Curious and keen to learn, students in Grade 6 and 7 balance childlike qualities and the developing life of an adolescent. Crofton House School’s unique Middle School program offers a supportive environment for girls to take on more responsibility for their learning and explore their interests in various ways, including competitive athletics, clubs, co-curricular opportunities and expanded leadership roles. 

Our interdisciplinary and enriched curriculum is designed to challenge students of this age intellectually. Specialist teachers support girls academically and emotionally as they learn skills to help them navigate the progressive responsibilities ahead of them. Our dynamic program offers unique opportunities for girls to question, imagine, collaborate, research and create– whether through a four-day outdoor education experience or a personalized discovery project. 

Middle School is a transformative time when girls seek more independence and deeper connections with others. Within the safety net of their teachers and peers, CHS girls develop the confidence to embrace responsibility, challenge assumptions and learn from their mistakes. At CHS, girls are supported while they challenge themselves and learn that, with perseverance, they can succeed in whatever path they choose. 

“When I open the doors to Crofton House, I always feel welcomed by students and teachers. I’m always excited to come to school because every day is unique and different.”

Ella ’25 | CHS Student

Program Features

Intake years 

  • Unique to Crofton House School, our Grade 6 intake year welcomes 26 new students to our Middle School program Learn more

The CHS difference

  • Our signature program, Ivy Compass, fosters personal growth, leadership and engaged citizenship through real-life experiences inside and outside of the classroom 

Parent involvement 

  • Parent involvement is encouraged, with parent/teacher/student conferences, volunteer opportunities, events and education that help support parents during this time of transition for girls

Small class sizes

  • Small classes led by caring teachers with specialist teachers in all subjects

Enriching learning

  • Leadership opportunities, including becoming Leadership Captains or House Captains 
  • Increased competitive athletics offerings, including Grade 7 volleyball and basketball
  • Instrumental band and vocal program and Grade 6–7 musical
  • Increased opportunities for public speaking, Debate Club and involvement in student publications 

Learning Support 

  • Learning resource support available to all students
  • Support for students and parents in transition to Senior School 


  • iPad tablets provided in Grade 1–7 to support learning, with a focus on digital fluency and literacy
  • In Grade 6–7, iPad tablets become a significant personal tool for learning

Outdoor education 

  • Four-day outdoor education trips allow girls to challenge themselves, connect with nature, and learn about sustainability and environmental stewardship

Healthy habits

  • Daily physical education and unstructured outdoor playtime
  • Healthy, hot lunch provided to all students through our Community Dining Program

School hours

  • 8:20 am–3:20 pm (Grade 1–7), with supervision from 7:50 am to 3:50 pm
  • Extended Care Program (7:30 am–8:00 am and 3:30 pm–5:30 pm) supports working parents who need an early drop-off or late pickup for their daughter

The Middle School Mindset at Crofton House School: Partnering with Parents 

When families choose Crofton House School for their middle schoolers, they are joining a caring community of educators and parents who are uniquely attuned to the academic and social needs of these students. Crofton House School’s Middle School program meets girls in Grades 6 and 7 with a comprehensive, inclusive, interdisciplinary program that promotes personal growth and intellectual challenges during a distinct period of development.

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