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Girl-Centred Education

At Crofton House, learning is student-centred and connected to the outside world. 

Our educational approach focuses on the whole girl – nurturing her social, emotional, physical and intellectual potential and empowering each girl to imagine the future she wants for herself and her world. 

It is informed by research that shows how girls have unique learning needs and that when these are met, girls develop a higher level of confidence, with better academic and personal outcomes. 

Thriving in a Girl-Centred Learning Environment 

In today’s changing world, girl-centred education is more relevant than ever before and there is growing evidence that girls achieve more when they are given their own dedicated space in which to develop.

The International Coalition of Girls’ Schools provides a list of the top ten reasons to attend a girls’ school, all supported by research. You can see each of these in action for students at CHS - from learning in an environment where they feel safe to express themselves, engaging in activities that prepare them for life beyond the classroom and being mentored by a community of their peers, educators and alumnae. 

As Dr Kevin Stannard discusses in his research (Why (and how) girls thrive in a girl-centred learning environment), girls in single-sex schools: are less likely to conform to gender stereotypes; are less constrained in their choice of subjects; show a greater propensity to take risks and innovate; perform better in exams; have more opportunities to show leadership: and are more successful in the job market. 

Girls’ School Graduates 

Research from the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools (ICGS) shows that when compared to girls graduating from coed schools, girls’ school graduates: 

  • Have stronger academic skills
  • Are more academically engaged 
  • Demonstrate higher science self-confidence 
  • Display higher levels of cultural competency 
  • Express stronger community involvement 
  • Exhibit increased political engagement 
  • Are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science and technology, and three times more likely to consider engineering. They are also more likely to pursue graduate-level education. 


“Our future depends upon educating young people committed to collective well-being, fairness, sustainability, and participatory democracy. For girls' schools like CHS, this means preparing young women to lead in ways that advance these aims.”
Ena Harrop | Head of School

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